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The Cleveland Metroparks’ vision for the multi-million dollar Edgewater Beach House pavilion at Edgewater Park was to reconnect Cleveland with the lakefront. The stunning two-story, 12,000-square foot structure positioned on the lake boasts views of Lake Erie and the Cleveland skyline, bringing together a vision of connectedness with the city and the lake it resides on. The Edgewater Beach House far exceeds the standard expectation of a public pavilion with amenities such as a robust double-sided fireplace, concessions and a full-service bar highlighting local food and drinks, and seating for over 250 guests.

The stunning structure, that is modeled to resemble a large boat, is open-aired and encompassed by a cedar ceiling constructed to emulate a boat hull. Confidence in OCP Contractors’ ability to complete the complexities of the scope, within a strict timeline, is ultimately why OCP was awarded the job. Being that the Edgewater Beach House is home to the Cleveland summer concert series, Edgewater Live, which attracts over 100,000 guests every session, there was no room for error within the OCP schedule.

The barrel-shaped ceiling, accompanied by radiused sides, presented a great amount of difficulty requiring expert workmanship. The complexity in the ceiling scope arose in the need to maintain straight lines despite the use of over 22,000 linear feet of Western Red Cedar, which can be difficult to manipulate. In addition, working conditions were made difficult due to the fact that the open-aired pavilion is directly situated on the lake, and susceptible to the winds originating off the lake, making for extremely cold conditions during the construction.

Through expertise, and the hard work of all involved on the project, the Edgewater Beach House was completed on-time.

“People are going to rediscover our lakefront, to me, that's the really remarkable thing, they're going to be really impressed with what we are able to do.” -Cleveland Metroparks CEO, Brian Zimmerman

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