The Hilton Garden Inn at Levis Commons

Perrysburg, Ohio

At A Glance

stopwatch July 29, 2008

office Hospitality

building Metal Framing and Drywall

star Specialty Services

The Hilton Garden Inn at Levis Commons consists of 45,000 square feet of overnight space,18,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, and a 9,800 square foot ballroom. A 2 story atrium at the main entrance boasts decorative columns and soffits. While under construction, OCP utilized a ceiling framing system that minimized the number of hangers required and in many conditions, no hangers were required in the precast concrete. To increase production, a typical room layout module was made that could be moved from room to room - the wall layout was then scribed on the concrete floor and an entire floor was completely laid out in two days.

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