50 Reasons Why 50

50 Reasons Why 50 - Diversity

Of the many facets OCP attributes its success to, this month we focus on the diversity that has driven the culture and success of the firm. Diversity in gender, race, and age means that OCP can utilize the ideas of many to cultivate a bigger variety of voices in the working environment, and most importantly, a culture of equality.

Organizations employing a diverse workforce supply a greater variety of solutions to problems in the industry such as, service, workforce issues, and allocation of resources. Employees from different backgrounds bring individual talents and experiences and can suggest ideas that are interchanged and can adapt to fluctuating markets and customer demands.

OCP strives for a workforce representative of the communities in which we work, and continually advocates for programs encouraging community labor-force participation in the construction industry. OCP understands that providing career opportunities to the citizens within the Toledo, Cleveland, and Columbus communities is what spurs neighborhood growth and development.

In support of these community values, OCP actively lobbied for the Construction Employers Association’s involvement in the Community Benefits Agreement effort. The Community Benefits Agreement is a contract signed by community groups and developers that enforces requirements for the developer to provide specific benefits to the local community or neighborhood, including amenities and jobs. While OCP eagerly advocates for Community Benefits, our practice is to set an example by exceeding these requirements on projects. Furthermore, OCP is constantly promoting that contractors bring the inner-city community into the trades.

Being an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, OCP does not discriminate job application based on person's race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, or disability.

As Northeast Ohio’s largest interior contractor, OCP understands that practices driving diversity contribute not only to the construction industry individually, but the whole of the community. As we celebrate 50 years of success, we look forward to the positive change that our current community efforts will bring in our next 50 years.