Contractors with a Passion for People and Community

Ohio Ceiling and Partition, founded in 1968 by Barney Paskiet, began with a mission to construct with integrity, safety, and excellence in mind. Beginning solely in the Toledo market, OCP quickly grew a reputation for excellence with consistently well constructed projects.

Barney’s passion for people and community introduced OCP to small commercial jobs and even residential jobs within the Toledo area. After repeated project success, the opportunity to work on high-profile jobs became standard within the business. With each show of skilled workmanship, OCP’s reputation grew into the commercial market allowing for expansion in the Ohio area.

In 2004, the company expanded into the Cleveland market. As in Toledo, OCP’s reputation of excellence permeated the Cleveland market, as the project portfolio grew into a showcase of successful, noteworthy work. In 2009, OCP further expanded by opening an office in the Columbus market. As Columbus quickly grows, OCP has been a part of skyline defining projects throughout the downtown area.

In today’s market, OCP is an industry leader in GPS layout, framing, installation of load-bearing mid-rise structures, prefabrication, and Building Information Modeling tools. Innovation is at the core of OCP’s culture, and continually drives the company forward. Through processes designed with safety and innovation in mind, OCP consistently maximizes efficiency and quality in work, for a successful project delivered on-time and on budget. With access to a strong, highly trained skilled trades workforce in 3 key markets of Ohio, OCP is able to deliver projects consistently on-time and with superior craftsmanship.

OCP has maintained a reputation for excellence showcased within the robust, high-profile portfolio of work throughout the Ohio area. The imprint of OCP’s superior work over the years can be seen within the skyline of every major Ohio city.

Through Barney Paskiet's vision, consistent innovation, skill, quality, passion and a superior workforce (to name a few), OCP is proud to continue defining the skyline as the contractors of choice.


The ability to understand and execute complex projects timely, efficiently, and safely positions OCP as the Contractor of Choice. Safety and integrity are held at the core of the company philosophy and integrated in all decisions. Through innovation, superior craftsmanship, and unparalleled commitment to its customers, OCP is Defining the Skyline.

Three Regional Offices

A Culture of Fair, Honest Work Practices

A talented, robust workforce loyal to OCP is the foundation of the company. The men and women of the skilled trades workforce, make the mission of the business possible.

The skillful workforce and a culture of fair, honest work practices produce a higher quality project for clients. Processes are consistently innovated by our safety teams in each region to ensure that safety practices are at the core of the business. The OCP reputation for safety and excellence in service is a credit to the workforce, and the internal team that supports them. 50 years of success later, the work of hundreds of skilled trades and construction professionals has built OCP into the largest interior contractor in the state of Ohio.

OCP is constantly looking for passionate construction professionals who share a vision for Defining the Skyline through innovation, safety, and excellence.