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The ability to understand and execute complex projects timely, efficiently, and safely positions OCP as the Contractor of Choice. Safety and integrity are held at the core of the company philosophy and implored in all decisions. Through innovation, superior craftsmanship, and unparalleled commitment to its customers OCP is Defining the Skyline.

OCP Contractors, founded in 1968, began with a mission to construct with integrity, safety, and excellence in mind. OCP quickly grew a reputation of excellence through consistently well-constructed projects.

Today, OCP Contractors is the largest union carpentry employer in the state of Ohio. With a skilled workforce of carpenters, plasterers, tapers, and laborers, and processes designed with safety and innovation in mind, OCP consistently maximizes efficiency and quality.

At the core of OCP Contractors' success, are the team of people the company employees. OCP invests in each individual team member to ensure they are provided state-of-the-art training and materials to safely and consistently complete projects to a standard of excellence. Furthermore, employees have the opportunity to grow their careers within the company, as OCP continues to thrive.

"Our field superintendents will go into the field and talk to everyone. They get really personal with you, that is what makes them an excellent company to work for."

- Bruce Slusher, Carpenter

"At OCP, everyone respects each other, I like what I do on a daily basis and how the team communicates."

- Yadiel Alvarez, Apprentice Carpenter

"I’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects from schools and colleges, to hospitals, and restorations downtown."

-Trevor Householder, Journeyman Carpenter

"OCP practices what they preach and puts safety at a high priority. The organization honestly cares about our safety and everyone getting home."

-Derrick Newmeyer, 2nd Year Apprentice

"I value the people I work with, all of the really fun, friendly people I have come in contact with and how much I have learned from everyone. I am really happy to be here."

-Brandon Arthur, Apprentice Carpenter


Our workforce is constantly growing as we continue grow. With consistent work available in each of our markets, we are always looking for skilled workforce who share in our passion for constructing with a standard of excellence. Complete an application for an open position with OCP Contractors.

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Send your photo of an OCP Project to hdearth@ocpcoc.com along with the project name, the context of the photo and your name. Monthly, one winner will have their photo featured and win a $15 gift certificate.

We want your ideas

OCP wants each employee involved in making our daily work as efficient as possible. Have an innovation or new ideas for installation processes, equipment or tools? Feel like work processes could be more productive than they currently are?

If you would like to be contacted regarding your idea, please include your name and email.

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