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Happy Retirement, Darrell Brown!

Congratulations on 43 years of hard work and success in the construction industry, Darrell! For 21 years Darrell has contributed expertise, leadership, guidance and friendship to the OCP Contractors’ team. Darrell’s willingness to assist co-workers and peers is highlighted throughout his illustrious career.

As OCP's Project Architect and Senior Estimator, Darrell has been a part of skyline defining work in each of OCP's key markets. Thank you for all that you have done in the Toledo, Cleveland and Columbus markets, Darrell. Enjoy retirement!

We asked some of Darrell's closest friends and coworkers about their experience working with him over the years. See their remarks below:

Matt Taylor, VP Compliance and Risk

“Before there was LinkedIn, there was Darrell. Darrell knows everyone, and everyone knows him; largely in part to the fact that Darrell is always the first to extend a helping hand. Darrell demonstrates his willingness to help in his home and work life. Without complaint Darrell worked anywhere OCP needed him to ranging from Cleveland, to Columbus, to Toledo. What’s more, Darrell is an amazing family man and always boasts of his pride and love for his family. And as a friend, Darrell is always there for a laugh, support, or just to check in. Darrell has helped me personally throughout my career and helped me to grow as a professional. I will miss the laughs we had and wish him the very best. Thanks for all you’ve done and enjoy the ‘rolex!’”

Doug Manore, Operations Manager

“Darrell, enjoy your retirement, we had a great run. Can I have your Rolex? I mean, rolodex?”

Ben Hayes, Columbus Estimator

“Darrell was my mentor for EPP. I remember that he was very encouraging and reminded me that this career path involves a lot of stress and responsibility, but that with time, it gets easier. Despite Darrell’s vast experience in the field, he never made me feel incapable or humiliated for asking even the simplest of questions. Even though we’ve worked from different office locations, Darrell is always only a phone call away.”

Dan Bartolet, Toledo Lead Project Manager

“I have known Darrell since my time in the field and he has always been a great help. Darrell is always willing to assist team members in need, and improves the team by sharing knowledge and skilled methods.”