Message to the Team - April 2020

I am very aware of everyone’s current state of concern over the well being of our families and ourselves. OCP is diligently working to stay with and ahead of the day to day challenges being put before us. At times it may appear that we aren’t doing anything but the reason/challenge is that this is a new journey for all of us and we desperately want to make sure we are educated to the current facts, changing laws, Ohio Orders and separating rumor from facts.

With this in mind, we are working to ensure our employees have the opportunity to work, have income and a safe workplace. The workplace as of today has a new meaning with the focus on social distancing, washing, sanitizing, etc. and separating facts from fear. As I write this, we are redefining how we work in all conditions to meet the requirements of your safety and wellbeing.

Let us be clear, it is your choice to come to work. We have not demanded anyone show-up for work. It is OCP’s responsibility to our communities to provide the essential services that construction provides. The Ohio governor has determined that “construction” is essential for the state and our community's health and ongoing endeavors. OCP has elected to maintain these “essential” services per the governor’s request. As an “essential” service, similar to healthcare providers and other front line responders we have been asked to continue to build so that the infrastructure is not damaged from COVID - 19. We must be prepared for emergency construction of hospitals, other facilities for our healthcare providers and provide for the needed infrastructure of our communities. In many ways, we are front line responders and due to this it is important to continue all projects so that we can mobilize in an emergency.

Rest assured that we are going to get through this together. Please be diligent in maintaining the safety required to complete our tasks and patience as we navigate through the daily changes put before us by matters that are out of our control. We will ultimately gain control as we progress through this pandemic.

You are truly our number one concern and we will be moving forward with the diligence to keep all safe, financially secure and endure through this unfortunate national emergency.