Matt Townsend

Message to the Team - December 2019

Thanks to each of you, in 2019 we reached our highest revenue ever in our 52-year history. Our backlog of projects is healthy and the economy is strong. This year, OCP focused on building our Enterprise Value. Enterprise Value is simply defined as “the entire or total value of a business entity”. OCP has focused on building our Enterprise Value, focusing and managing our growth, costs, brand, financing and most importantly our employee engagement.

2019 was a success due to the entire team’s focus on safety, training and Lean Construction alongside our customers.


  • OCP has conducted 3,045 inspections in 2019 with and overall compliance rating of 95%.

  • Our current total recordable injury rate is 40% below the combined national average for framing and drywall contractors.

  • We celebrated the best year ever in recordable rates in OCP history in 2018, and are on pace to perform even better in 2019.

  • We have had a total of 8 OSHA inspections so far in 2019, all have been in compliance.

  • We currently have 42 STSC trained employees working for OCP Contractors.

  • We are enjoying a 10-year low on our current Experience Modification Rate and it looks to be lower next year.


  • In addition to the STSC training in safety, OCP committed to advanced leadership training for 7 of our current managers, and next year will be we are training an additional 19 managers to advance our team’s growth and knowledge and ensure future success.

  • To help our leaders in our field operations we continue to train our foremen and journeymen on a consistent basis.

  • In 2019 we sent 52 carpenters to the UBC International Training Center in Las Vegas.

Lean Construction

OCP has been on a long journey to change our systems, processes, and management policies to LeanConstruction initiatives. We started this journey over ten years ago and in 2019 made a commitment to “double down” on our Lean Culture. Our journey has been challenging since we are paving the way with new practices. There is no question that the way of the future is Lean Construction.

There are many initiatives that need to be addressed to change the way we manage our projects and work in the office. OCP is taking on this Lean culture change to become more productive, cost-effective, less wasteful, cleaner, shinier and leaner than any other contractor in our space. Much of this is intangible early in the change to Lean but in the coming months you will experience more positive changes through Lean such as our DOWNTIME, TIMMES and 5S posters throughout OCP.

These are not simply posters they are constant reminders of what the Lean Construction process is about and how it is done. In addition, we have started managing our projects using pull planning and A3 reports. If you are not sure what the pull planning and A3’s are you will likely learn soon on a project.

OCP is committed to training our employees to be successful, safe and happy in the workspace.

2019 could not have been accomplished without the hard work of every single OCP employee.

Thanks for all you accomplished and doing it safely. We look forward to continuing to define the skyline with your talent and enthusiasm. Happy Holidays to you all and your families.

Have a wonderful Holiday season,