Matt Townsend

Message to the Team - May 2018

OCP has many things to be passionate about; our high-performance culture, our safety-driven methods, our people, our means, methods, and procedures, innovation, and the buildings we build. One of my most passionate effects of OCP is the variety, size, and sheer complexity of our robust portfolio of projects. From bridge control houses to 1.5 million-square-foot convention centers and malls.

You can drive through any of our downtown and suburban areas and identify the buildings we have built. The varieties of projects include high rise towers, mid-rise load-bearing structures, hospitals, medical office buildings, colleges, K-12 schools, casinos, hotels, ballparks, data centers and hockey arenas to name a few. OCP has been fortunate enough to be an integral part in a majority of Ohio’s most prominent projects.

It is true passion to know the story, the people, the personalities, and the unique intricacies that belong to each of our projects. As we reflect on these landmarks, we are filled with passion and pride for the communities we have integrally been a part of for half a century.

We built that, we built that, we built that and we built that one and that other one over there!! And on and on – true OCP Passion!

OCP celebrates 50 years of pride and passion of our past and the 50 years to come!

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