Matt Vander Hooven

Message to the Team - October 2018

Innovation is the process of delivering new methods, new ideas, and new products. As a core practice at OCP Contractors, innovation helps us to lead the way in our industry. As we constantly introduce new ideas and technologies we strive to provide our client’s with the highest quality service and maintain our reputation as the #ContractorofChoice. Below I have listed just a few of the most noteworthy innovations that set us apart in the industry:

  • Prefabrication at every opportunity.
  • Cutting edge training for Foreman, Project Managers, Estimators and Project Assistants.
  • Relevant leadership training.
  • Improved accounting systems.
  • Estimating methods to improve accuracy and speed.
  • Sto Panel Technology.

These are just a few examples of areas where we are continuously looking for better ways to construct skyline defining projects. If you ever have an idea for making a process better We can all take pride in working for a company that understands the value of innovation.

So from our Skilled Trades (where the rubber hits the road!) to Management, to Ownership, thank you and keep on innovating!

This month's newsletter features two great projects completed by the OCP Toledo team, Oberlin Health & Wellness Center and the Epworth United Methodist Church. I also want to congratulate this month's Employees of Choice Raul Quiroga, Jason Cullison and Chad Senita!