Matt Townsend

Message to the Team - September 2017

Innovation has always been a part of OCP’s culture, and continually drives the company forward. In 2010, OCP officially began our Lean Construction initiative, and today we continue to take Lean to the next level by implementing Operational Excellence managers, daily production tracking, 6-week look ahead schedules, wasted elimination, and increased productivity. Our next phase of advancement in Lean is training our managers in Six Sigma Green Belt to maximize customer value and minimize operational costs by reducing waste and inefficiencies.

As industry leaders in panelization, load bearing mid-rise structures, construction manufacturing, curtain wall, and GPS layout tools we are constantly looking for methods to perfect our processes. In our effort to consistently innovate, we are currently in the process of going cordless for all handheld power tools to increase mobility in the field while also increasing safety.

In addition, OCP has implemented a brand new ERP System to combine our software into one efficient system that operates the same in all locations. The new system will streamline all functions of the company including accounting, project management, time management, supervision and estimating; further optimizing our procedures to deliver on-time projects with expert craftsmanship provided by our superior field team. Together we are Defining the Skyline through innovation, craftsmanship, and unparalleled commitment to our customers.

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