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OCP Congratulates 2021 Safety Challenge Coin Recipients

Written by Matt Taylor, CHST, SMS

In March of 2021, OCP launched "The Safety Challenge Coin Program," recognizing employees who embody OCP's core values and surpass the expectations set by OCP's Safety team. Each employee is rewarded with a 24k Gold Plated OCP Challenge Coin and enrolled to win a grand prize of $1,000 at the end of the year. Please help us congratulate the seven entries from 2021 as we share each of their success stories.

Cleveland Foreman, Matt Rutledge, introduced a lean way of processing temperatures during Covid. He helped the safety team identify a cost-effective thermometer that we quickly introduced in every office and job site throughout OCP. This would not have happened if Matt did not have a "Continuous Improvement" attitude. Thank you, Matt!

Cleveland Foreman, Alex Zigon, had a difficult conversation with a GC's safety person instructing OCP employees to tie off to anchor points that would not support an employee if they were to fall while working on a step ladder. Alex stood by his training and OCP employees by "respectfully" explaining that we could not comply with his request as it was not legal or safe to do so. Although that employee was doing nothing wrong with working on the ladder, Alex applied the "Yes If" value with the GC and formulated a plan to use a lift instead, ensuring "Accountability" for OCP employees' safety. Well done, Alex!

Cleveland Foreman, Matt Marlowe, identified a problem with carbon monoxide on the job site, which exposed OCP employees and others. Matt's concerns were brought up to the safety team, and they identified the source of the issue- a lift being used indoors by the other trades. The GC removed the lift from the building, keeping the employees on-site safe from carbon monoxide poisoning. Thanks to Matt's commitment to "No Compromise on Safety," everyone returned home safely. Great job, Matt!

Cleveland Foreman, Harley Bailey, responded to an accident on the job site which left an employee stranded in an elevated scissor lift. Utilizing his lift rescue training and his CPR first aid training, Harley gave first responder aid to the employee in a matter of seconds. Not only did he help the employee from becoming furtherly injured, but he kept the situation professional and calm, making all the right calls during a stressful event. In turn, Harley demonstrated a lot of "Respect" and "Accountability" for his team members. Hats off to you, Harley!

Toledo carpenter apprentice, Noah Hindall, gave great insight into an accident investigation, detecting some safety culture deficiencies that might have contributed to the accident. His integrity during the investigation allowed the safety team to identify these issues and collaborate with Superintendents and Foremen to fix these holes in OCP's safety program. Although this may have been fearful for him to do so, Noah fought through any reluctance and remained "Accountable," helping OCP improve our safety culture. Way to go, Noah!

Toledo Foreman, Jason Lapointe, used OCP values "Continues Improvement" and "No Compromise on Safety" to develop a solution for covering impalement hazards in his work area while working on stilts. He used a nearby fire extinguisher stand needed in the area anyways to cover the protruding pipes. Using one safety device to eliminate two hazards in his work area, this out-of-the-box thinking allowed for a cleaner environment for Jason to use stilts safely. Innovative and resourceful, great work, Jason!

Columbus Foreman, Keith Holobaugh, identified a carbon monoxide issue on-site controlled by the GC. Keith's dedication to "No Compromise on Safety" led him to shut down the process being performed by OCP. The identified truck and welder being employed by other trades, causing the carbon monoxide issue, was removed, and the air was cleared before returning to perform our task. Attaboy, Keith!

These seven employees were found to be using OCP's core values while going above and beyond their day-to-day responsibilities under OCP's safety program. At the end of 2021, the grand prize winner was randomly drawn at OCP’s Safety Team’s Annual Strategic Planning session. I would like to acknowledge the winner of the $1,000 Grand Prize, Jason Lapointe! Congratulations, Jason!

I would also like to thank everyone who works towards recognizing safer practices and a safer workplace here at OCP. I know there are many of you out there that keep safety first each and every day, and we strive to recognize you in the future. I hope to share even more success stories throughout 2022, so I strongly encourage all OCP employees to bring your safety ideas or good deeds to the attention of your Regional Safety Managers, Superintendents, Project Managers, or General Managers. Keep in mind, OCP's core values of "No Compromise on Safety," "Yes If," "Continuous Improvement," "Accountability," and "Respect" will always lead to successful outcomes.