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OCP Teams up with Union Contractors to Help with Home Repair Gone Wrong

Dodi Sawyer hired a home improvement company for significant plumbing and electrical work on her home in Toledo, OH. Instead of completing the work, the company left her with an inhabitable home. “I was having the plumbing redone and the electric and that turned into three months of the destruction of the inside, throwing away my kitchen appliances, and taking down my shower and leaving me with nothing but empty rooms,” Dodi said.

During the process, Dodi and her insurance company spent $11,000.The original company took the money and ran. Dodi wanted to ensure it didn't happen to anyone else so she notified the local union.

Mike Gibson, a local union carpenter heard of Dodi’s situation and teamed up with the Associated General Contractors of Northwest Ohio to help. The union contractors specializing in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and painting are completing the job for free. Nick Rogier and Jason Cowell were proud to support the job on behalf of OCP.

Dash Construction, OCP Contractors, Lakeside Construction, Tri State Industrial, Great Lakes Electrical, Merritt Plumbing, Local 1090 Millwright are all contributing.

After 4 months of not having a functioning home, the contractors will wrap up the work in two weeks.

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