Toolbox Talk - March 2018

Written by Matt Taylor, CHST, SMS

OCP Contractors has always put safety at the forefront, whether it’s on or off the job sites. In line with our safety values, OCP has set up an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Megellan Healthcare.

The EAP is a service offering workers and their family members professional guidance during difficult times such as, loss of a loved one, family relationships, emotional wellness, stress balance, and addiction. I want to take the time to bring to your attention the issue of opioid addiction. This is a huge issue that has claimed the lives of many people throughout Ohio and has affected many of us within the OCP family and our private lives. Opioid addiction in the state of Ohio from June 2016 to June 2017, has claimed more lives at 5,232 people from overdose, than the entire country in workplace accidents which claimed 5,190 workers. This means in Ohio alone one person will die of an overdose every 2 hours. Four out of five people who started using heroin in the past year had previously used prescription pain relievers non-medically.

In view of this we have worked strongly with doctors to be careful when prescribing opiates as pain relief after workplace incidents/accidents. Many doctors have chosen to prescribe over the counter pain aids at stronger doses to battle this epidemic. I encourage you to educate yourself and your family members on this subject as the battle with addiction is often difficult. I recommend starting at the following website to help in this effort.

Please do not hesitate to ask for help if you or someone in your family needs help with fighting this issue. No one will be questioned when asking for help, and all information will remain confidential. Megellan Healthcare service is free and confidential to you and your family members. You can call Megellan directly at 1-(800) 523-5668 to get assistance. Magellan also has additional programs/tools available to guide you through these difficult times. Please contact Shreya Trivedi at (419) 865-3312 for further assistance if needed.