Toolbox Talk - May 2019

Written by Matt Taylor, CHST, SMS

OCP implemented a pre-task analysis program in January 2019 on a mobile application called Industry Safe and on paper called the Ready Sheet. Each employee is expected to take time every morning looking over their immediate work area and utilize either the written form or the mobile app to ensure their area is safe and ready to work in. If a job site needs additional ready sheets, please contact your local safety director. The sheets are also available in Spanish. To visit the Industry Safe app, you can do so by following

The Safety Directors are to review these forms weekly to ensure they are being completed. The purpose of this process is to eliminate hazards in or around work areas, lower the potential of accidents and to arrange future training needs in each city. Periodically, OCP has rewarded individuals who have taken the time to ensure OCP’s safety success by turning them in.

Over the past month, we have noticed a significant decrease in these forms being completed. I want to remind everyone of the importance of using these forms and following the process. OCP has implemented the app and paper forms within the new hire video to ensure new team members are aware of this requirement. If anyone has questions about either the form or the phone app please contact your Safety Director or me.

A great safety culture needs everyone's participation and input. Please help us in keeping you safe by making OCP’s safety culture great.

Rob Hunter

Rob Hunter an OCP Cleveland team member, received a gift card for noting items needing attention and reporting it to his foreman Matt Marlowe through the pre-task program.