Toolbox Talk - November 2019

Written by Matt Taylor, CHST, SMS

Home safely at the end of every day is our motto and prevention is key to safety success. OCP Contractors places safety at the foundation of all processes. As Lean initiatives are emphasized more, we want you to understand that safety is always a time saver, not a time waster.

We strongly encourage employees to report jobsite hazards to prevent injuries. Our policy for reporting hazards states everyone has the authority to stop any operation that they deem unsafe and report the issue to the foreman. OCP has made it mandatory to be OSHA 30-Hour trained and continuously educates with toolbox talks so you are equipped with the knowledge to recognize hazards.

If you feel that a hazard has not been fixed, reach out to your local Safety Director and do not expose yourself to the hazard.

  • Cleveland - Skip Powell 216-276-5585

  • Toledo - Pete Paskiet 419-467-8359

  • Columbus - Alex Kaszer 614-639-1550

If for any reason, you are not assured with the corrective actions taken by the Safety Director, OCP encourages you to reach out to Matt Taylor at 419-865-3772 (office) or 419-779-1274 (cell.)

There will never be repercussions for reporting hazards to anyone. If you feel this has occurred reach out to Matt Taylor directly.

Prior to starting work, use the ready sheet or the online app. There is also an online form where employees can report hazards here. The form is located at the bottom of the webpage.

OCP Contractors believes its employees are its most important asset. To ensure every employee goes home injury-free, we will supply them with the highest quality of programs, training, and equipment. We are committed to keeping communication open at every level and maintaining employee involvement.