Toolbox Talk - September 2020

Written by Matt Taylor, CHST, SMS

Keep everyone safe and remain anonymous when reporting hazards.

You will be seeing this reader on OCP sites soon, to make the reporting of hazards, near misses, and safety suggestions more accessible to employees. The QR Code will take you to the OCP Contractors’ safety page where these submissions can be chosen at the bottom of the web page.

We need everyone’s help to ensure a safe workplace and this is just one of the tools that helps complete this goal. We still ask that if you see something wrong, you say something in order to fix the issue quicker, but if this fails don’t be afraid to use this system.

Your name will be held anonymously during the process. Please ensure that you click on which city you are working out of so that the forms go to that city’s safety personnel. Matt Taylor will receive all submissions. Further, it would be helpful if you included the job site where the issue exists, to speed up corrective measures. If you choose to enter your name and email address you will be followed up with by email on what was done to correct the issue. Safety is no accident, it takes strong commitment, training and skill to send each employee home safely each day.