Madison Township Fire Station 183

Columbus, OH



    Columbus, OH

At A Glance

  • Date of Completion: April 2018
  • Market: Government
  • Scope of Work
  • Metal Framing & Drywall, Specialty Services

Madison Township has anxiously awaited the arrival of Fire Station 183 for over 2 years, when the previous fire station was closed as a cost-saving measure. Madison Township, who has for the last two years contracted out the services of a neighboring department, will now be home to an all-new station with the capacity to house 4 emergency vehicles, and the space to expand as the township continues to grow. Some additional space surrounding the station will also be utilized for community outreach events, such as movie nights and events geared towards fostering the values of the community. Of utmost importance, the addition of Fire Station 183 will also significantly reduce emergency response time in the area.

An understanding of the importance of the fire station within the community and a high level of public attention from residents, press, and the local board of trustees has raised the expectation of the completed project to a tantamount level. Furthermore, as with most winter construction projects, cold weather is a serious factor to consider within the schedule. With the knowledge of the community’s expectations, Turner Construction thoughtfully selected OCP Contractors for work on the project due to a reputation for quality and a highly-trained skilled workforce.

Despite extreme cold weather, OCP has been able to maintain schedule as a credit to the management of the project and the dedication of employees in the field. High set expectations and the significance of the project, have driven OCP to consistently deliver quality work on time. OCP’s work with items on the project such as Hardie siding and Hunter XCI panels, which have rigid insulation attached to the plywood to consolidate work, exemplifies OCP’s ability to successfully complete a variety of scopes without sacrificing quality. When asked about his experience with the project, OCP Foreman Jeff Boysel stated “The Madison Township Fire Station has been an exciting project to be a part of. Building a new station for an underserved area is an honor. One of the many exciting aspects of the project is the cementitious siding and trim that we don't typically get to perform.”

Madison Township Fire Station 183 will be open to service the community beginning April 2018.