Promedica Generations of Care Tower

Toledo, OH



    Toledo, OH

At A Glance

  • Expected Date of Completion: May 2020
  • Market: Healthcare
  • Scope of Work
  • Acoustical, Exterior Insulation and Finish, Metal Framing and Drywall

“OCP has been a proven partner to ProMedica Toledo Hospital for many years, and they continue to show their value as we work through the Generations of Care Tower project.”

- Rob Vela, ProMedica Project Specialist

The ProMedica Generations of Care Tower is the largest, single construction project that ProMedica has ever embarked upon. The Generations of Care Tower, named after the generations of the community that the tower hopes to care for through the future, is a $355-million dollar project standing 275 feet tall and featuring 320 state-of-the-art patient rooms. The tower is designed with optimization of patient experience, and medical methods in mind. The 13-story tower is no simple undertaking consisting of over 600,000-square-feet. The completed project will feature 1.3 million square feet of drywall, or over 2.8 million pounds!

OCP Contractors was awarded the $10 million interior contract by Lathrop Turner, including a scope of studs, insulation, drywall, and acoustical. Of great advantage to OCP in the bidding process, was the team’s proven track record in work, specifically with ProMedica. Rob Vela, a Project Specialist with ProMedica stated, “OCP has been a proven partner to ProMedica Toledo Hospital for many years, and they continue to show their value as we work through the Generations of Care Tower project. With the volume finishes associated with the tower, it is imperative that we have contractors that value their work and coordinate their efforts as a team. ProMedica Toledo Hospital has grown to trust OCP Contractors with these attributes and look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.” In total, over 100,009 man hours will be utilized to complete the project. Furthermore, to ensure an on-time completion corridor mechanical rack is constructed off-site in order to accelerate scheduling. The walls on the side of the rack are up to 7-feet tall with drywall pre-installed and fire taped. Due to the fact that the site is compressed, there is no on-site lay down area. In order to continue work at the desired speed despite on-site conditions; swing stages and 50-foot boom lifts are utilized on roof decks, booming into place with tower cranes. Despite difficulty, OCP has navigated through the project with proper planning, excellent workmanship, and innovative technologies.

When asked to comment on the current status of the project Paige Kutschbach of Lathrop Turner stated, “OCP has been a pleasure to work with on the ProMedica Generations of Care Project. It is evident that Chris Gunderman, Craig Paskiet, and Nate Valentine strive to provide their customers a quality product. I know I can rely on Chris and Craig to provide quick and accurate information when it is requested. They are very detailed and attentive which shows me that they take pride their work. OCP’s quality of work is displayed not only in the office but in the field as well. Nate does a great job at running the day-to-day field operations and adjusting to obstacles. Overall I have enjoyed working with OCP and look forward to completing this monumental project together.”

The project is currently slated for completion in May of 2020.


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