Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), a team-based approach for planning.

Integrated Project Delivery, or IPD, is the process by which each individual stakeholder in a construction project comes together to collaborate on every aspect of the project in order to ensure quality outcomes. Owners, architects, engineers, construction trades, and other affiliates take a team-based approach to plan each detail of a project from inception in order to ultimately save time and budget.

Traditionally, varying project participants focus exclusively on their part of construction; however, IPD focuses on the importance of all participants closely collaborating to maximize productivity and project value. By closely collaborating, project teams are able to make informed decisions prior to construction, maximizing productivity and ultimately eliminating waste in the design. Furthermore, relationship-building and collaboration allows the team to build trust and shared critical information between the design and construction teams, further contributing to project productivity.

IPD utilizes practices in lean construction to solve issues in relation to productivity, waste, schedules, and quality prior to construction. Building information modeling is also heavily utilized throughout the process to further ease information collaboration.

As a Cogence Alliance member, OCP Contractors is highly experienced in IPD. With over 50 years of experience as Ohio’s interior contractor of choice, the OCP team thoughtfully collaborates with other project stakeholders to ensure that the appropriate steps are taken to save the owner money prior to the beginning of construction. OCP prides ourselves as an educated team member in the mission to accomplish a single goal: a valuable end project.

As a leader in implementing innovative technologies into the interior construction process, OCP is fully equipped with the tools to successfully complete integrated project delivery.