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Prefabrication services for a safer, more efficient project delivery.

Through the latest technology and lean construction processes, OCP successfully implements prefabrication to build better.

Known for their proactive approach, OCP analyzes a project during the kickoff phase to determine what scope provides value to the project for offsite fabrication. OCP offers a wide variety of prefabrication services:

  • Parapet Blocking

  • In-Wall Blocking

  • Soffit Framing

  • Custom Drywall Shapes

  • Exterior Panels and Brackets

  • Knee Walls

  • Parapet Walls

  • Interior and Exterior Soffits

  • Project Mock-Ups

  • Specialty Services

When completed during the proper milestones, prefabrication can greatly reduce the timeline of a project, onsite labor requirements, and financial risk of a project.


Prefabrication provides several benefits to the construction process:

Project Foresight and Communication Management: Through the prefabrication building process, OCP’s scope is detailed virtually prior to starting any physical construction. This allows for proactive foresight on impending questions or concerns prior to being on site.

Maximizes Labor Forces: Due to components being built in a prefabrication factory, there is a dramatic reduction in equipment, material suppliers, and traffic on the construction site.

Enhanced Quality Control: With fabrication in a controlled atmosphere following precise standards, the sub-assemblies of the structure are built to a uniform quality. Quality checks are performed throughout the process by an experienced crew in closer proximity to a foreman so its easier to manage.

Schedule Reduction: Through project analysis, high quantity and high productivity items are identified and then prefabricated ahead of time allowing for significant schedule savings.

With intricate planning of how much time each component takes to design, fabricate and deliver, schedules are also more accurate. Ultimately, owners are able to take occupancy sooner resulting in a quicker revenue stream, and less time carrying construction insurance costs and associated burdens.

Safer Working Conditions: Construction in a controlled environment void of weather and external conditions allows for increased project safety. Once delivered, prefabrication requires less time, workforce and materials in a concentrated area contributing to overall project safety.

Less Waste: Lean processes are built into the prefabrication process. Calculations are made to determine the exact quantity of materials needed prior to ordering. Carts are utilized whenever possible to make the movement of materials easier. Clean up is simplified through OCP’s no-scrap-hits-the-floor process, which creates less waste.


Regardless of the size of your project, prefabrication provides a significant indirect cost reduction with increased construction speed, less waste, and safer worker conditions. Other considerations include the removal of variables such as weather conditions. Bulk ordering and supplier discounts also significantly save on construction financing costs.


In order to stay on top of the very latest prefabrication technology releases and trends, OCP collaborates with a nationwide network of builders devoted to continuously improving prefabrication methods and simplifying processes.


1. Project Awarded

2. Initial Review with Estimator

3. Prefabrication Takeoff / Value Engineering

4. Review

5. Foreman’s Directional Packet Created

6. Handoff Meeting

7. Schedule

8. Material Order and Construction

9. Set Up Delivery Schedule

10. Delivery of Prefabricated Materials On-site


OCP sources prefabrication apprentices through the Helmets to Hardhats program, a national, nonprofit program that connects National Guard, Reserve, retired and transitioning active-duty military service members with skilled training and quality career opportunities in the construction industry.