50 Reasons Why 50

50 Reasons Why 50 - Teamwork

As we celebrate 50 years of success, we reflect on the goals we have been able to accomplish as a part of this significant milestone. Of the many things we contribute our success to, this month we focus on teamwork.

As the interior Contractor of Choice, OCP understands that for a project to be genuinely successful teamwork is essential. Teamwork in our skilled workforce, teamwork in the office, and teamwork with our many partners that make quality projects possible.

The OCP skilled workforce consistently delivers quality projects by collaborating with one another and other trades on the project to ensure communication guides the schedule. By effectively communicating throughout the construction process, the field teams can work together towards the common goal: a completed building, safely constructed that meets the vision of the owner. Furthermore, the field communicates daily with the OCP office team to ensure daily procedures, operations, schedules, and budgets are maintained.

In the OCP offices, teamwork is utilized daily to efficiently and effectively complete various tasks. The use of innovative procedures such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) mean that the office teams are consistently able to build a teamwork atmosphere with other companies and decision-makers on a project. OCP strives to be a contributing partner on every project by maintaining transparency and providing educated input when challenges arise during construction.

With the understanding that each project is composed of teams selected with a common goal in mind, OCP prides ourselves on the ability to collaborate with our partners on every project efficiently. Our responsibility is not only to our scope of work, but in support of the entire project to ensure that each firm is equipped with the means to also complete their scope. By ensuring that our work is completed safely, on-time, and to the highest quality we benefit all other firms on the jobsite.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the last 50 years of success. Without the teamwork of all, this milestone would not be possible. See what some of our partners over the years have to say about the OCP teamwork mentality below.