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At a Glance

Expected Date of Completion: August 2020

Market: Residential

Architect LDA Architects

General Contractor Turner Construction Company

Scope of Work

Structural engineering, load-bearing wall panels, joist system, decking, interior non-load bearing walls, insulation, drywall, acoustical ceilings, door frames, hardware, millwork, window install, exterior cladding and installation.

In Cleveland’s Hingetown neighborhood, the first multi-family residential LEED silver certified development on the west side is being developed. Previously two underutilized surface parking lots, the new complex will consist of 2 mixed-use buildings with retail on the ground floor, subterranean parking and elevated parking along with 161 residential units.

Additionally, 10,000 square-feet of public gathering space will provide family-friendly activities including a water feature, inspired by Cleveland’s Downtown Public Square, an amphitheater and a lighted playground.

The project is a collaborative effort with Hemingway Development (led by Michael Panzica and Jim Doyle, Sr.); GRAMMAR Properties (led by Marika Shioiri-Clark and Graham Veysey.)

The development’s unique design features different planes of materials that jut out across the exterior in a multi-dimensional, random pattern of slate and white metal panels. This was OCP’s first time completing an exterior of such complexity. OCP worked closely with the clients for 2.5 years on the conceptual design and structural engineering before the groundbreaking occurred to ensure the design could come to fruition.

With a tight laydown area in an urban environment, just in time deliveries were critical. Maintaining an aggressive schedule for building erection was also critical. To maximize efficiency, the OCP team implemented lean strategies in every process. The schedule was closely planned and prefabrication was utilized where possible to save on time without sacrificing quality.

Exterior load-bearing panels with windows preinstalled provided dramatic cost savings by compressing the duration of construction, saving costs on foundation, insurance and shortening the time-frame of scaffolding and cranes needing to be on-site.

“Christmas treeing” floor joists allowed for 3-4 joists to be set at a time, reducing a day and a half worth of work to just three hours. Structural framing of over 1,200 square feet occurred each day on average. Kitting interior non-load bearing walls dramatically reduced schedule time with all needed materials being prepped and strategically placed in their designated unit.

As the project continues processes are being constantly re-evaluated for effectiveness with detailed communication and collaboration within the field to ensure new lean procedures are benefiting the project.

The project is expected to be completed in August of 2020.

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